Wealth and Legacy Planning that Honors what is

Important and Preserves the Life Experiences You Treasure


Spangler Estate Planning provides a variety of estate planning services. Our basic estate planning services include the preparation of wills, living wills, powers of attorney and health care powers of attorney.  Our advanced estate planning services include various types of trusts including living trusts and educational trusts. We also offer business planning services for small businesses.  Contact our office today to schedule an introductory interview at no charge. 


Estate Planning

It is important to ensure your estate plan fits your unique family situation.  By taking a comprehensive view of your unique family situation we can help you craft an estate plan that accomplishes what matters most to you.



Our experienced attorneys can set up various types of trusts including special needs trusts, educational trusts, and living trusts.

Probate Management

Your designated executor may be overwhelmed with challenging details.  We can assist and/or manage the legal details for you.


Special Needs

Providing needed support and care throughout the lifetime of our special needs family members is part of effective estate planning.


Small Businesses

Business owners have unique interests when it comes to legacy planning.  We provide an array of services to small business owners interested in the long-term goals of their families and businesses. If you own a small business, smooth transitions when owners die or are disabled are empowered with effective planning and protection. We can help you plan for and fund these essential support needs.