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Estate Planning

It is important to ensure your estate plan fits your unique family situation.  By taking a comprehensive view of your family dynamics, we can help you craft a personalized estate plan that protects your family and accomplishes what matters most to you.

Estate Administration/Probate

Probate is the judicial process under which a Will is presented to the court and the estate is administered according to the Will (or according to NC law if there is no Will). A designated executor can easily become overwhelmed with the challenging details of administering a loved one’s estate. We can help you overcome this pressure by managing the legal details for you and helping you navigate the various steps of estate administration with confidence.

Trust Creation and Management

Sometimes your family situation calls for a deeper look into the law.  Whether for educational purposes or to protect the interests of a special needs child, our experienced attorneys can set up a detailed trust that speaks to your family’s special circumstances.

Small Businesses

Business owners have distinct interests when it comes to legacy planning.  We provide an array of services to small business owners to ensure that not only their long-term goals are met, but transitions are smooth when owners die or become disabled.

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