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David Spangler is the founding partner of Spangler Estate Planning.  The first two decades of David’s practice as a solo attorney involved helping clients in many areas of law. However, in the mid-1990s, he decided to dedicate himself to helping people in the Triad and throughout North Carolina exclusively with their estate planning and death administration needs. His prior experiences in business and contract law, debtor-creditor relationships, and litigation all gave him a broad knowledge of the kinds of situations that people in our community experience in their work and personal lives. By developing a deeper empathy for his clients regarding their estate planning desires and issues faced during hardship and loss of loved ones, David reinforced his decision to concentrate the entire law practice on estate planning, probate, and other forms of death administration.

Beginning in the mid-1990’s, David joined and has studied with the most prestigious national attorney groups specializing in estate planning. He has continued educating himself with the top scholars in estate planning in America, presently being a member of WealthCounsel, the Mid-South Forum, the Greensboro Estate Planning Counsel, and the Society of Financial Service Professionals. Nevertheless, the additional education and his dedication to such a high degree of expertise in his chosen field of law were not nearly as important to his clients as David’s development of a broader concern and understanding of what affects people’s hopes and fears, worries, and desires – thereby giving him better insight and counseling ability for their estate planning. The many decades of helping families through probate, trust death administration, and other aspects of handling assets and personal affairs have led David and others working on his Spangler Estate Planning team to practice greater attentiveness to the manner in which they help their clients. Having caring team members of the law firm and creating excellent checklists and protocols for guiding clients through the probate process or through estate planning services, whether by will or by trust, are methods in which the team makes the attorney-client experience feel natural and straightforward.

David’s enjoyment in the practice of law has continued to increase over the last twenty years as he sees more clients coming to him by word-of-mouth, and often so many branches of a family tree become future clients of a law firm. Helping multiple generations and associations of the same family is particularly gratifying to David. He loves the trust he has been able to earn by helping people with their estate planning goals, while also meeting their needs in administering an estate upon the loss of a friend or family member.

More recently, David has begun studying how he can further help the large numbers of clients who have grown to trust him and his law firm. David wants to semi-retire, and he recognizes the need for more attorneys to join his efforts in assisting these many generations of clients. As he continues to practice law, he sees a great benefit being provided to the clients of Spangler Estate Planning by his mentoring other, younger attorneys who may be offered an opportunity to join his law firm.  Jonathan M. Parisi came onboard in January 2020, and another attorney will be added to the team this fall.  They will continue their special attentiveness to the feelings and needs of their clients, and they will always provide an effortless experience for life.  Spangler Estate Planning will remain a small law firm but one that ensures big plans for its clients.

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